Brian Ray Dudey

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer creating modern Web Applications using Mobile First, Accessible designs.
JavaScript expert. UI enthusiast. AI curious. Professional engineer. Amature author.

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My Philosophy


I bring together a strong proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a keen eye for UI/UX design. With expertise in writing clean code and crafting visually appealing interfaces, I create seamless user experiences that blend technical functionality with captivating design aesthetics.


I excel in problem-solving and troubleshooting. With expertise in identifying and resolving cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, and performance optimization issues, I adeptly debug code, analyze errors, and implement effective solutions.


I take my work seriously but don't take myself too seriously. Laughter keeps me fueled, and I thrive on building solid relationships with my colleagues. Whenever a fellow dev needs coding help, count me in! It's a chance to strengthen connections and dive into learning opportunities

My Profile

Name Brian Ray Dudey

Location Los Angeles, CA

Phone 310-770-7062


Interpersonal Skills

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JavaScript 100%

SQL 90%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

Node 80%

My Toolbox

MacBook Air

This is me

Creative. Experienced. Professional.

As a frontend developer I've had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 Companies and incredible startups bringing bleeding edge technologies to life. All of this has honed my skills in meticulous application optimization and detailed design.

With years of experience, I have consistently enhanced application performance, usability, and security while meeting the high expectations of stakeholders. My expertise lies in delivering end-to-end solutions within allocated budgets and strict timelines. I am well-versed in identifying and tackling complex challenges head-on, leveraging my strong leadership abilities to drive successful outcomes.

My track record includes a strong focus on application performance, ensuring that every line of code contributes to efficient execution and optimal user experiences. I prioritize usability and security, creating seamless and intuitive interfaces while implementing robust security measures. With my proven ability to deliver exceptional results, I am poised to contribute my skills as a seasoned frontend developer to drive innovation and excellence in any team or project.

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